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29 October 2015

What is a Victim Mentality?

The Victim Mentality is a transcendant attitude in which a former slave attains the wise use of liberty and is able to fully forgive all abuses that he has experienced.  I was able to see this when I went to Jefferson Park outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on the 26th of June A.D. 2010.  A South-American Priest had gathered together international refugees that had suffered confinement-type abuses in their home-states.  Each one of them lit a candle, saying the name of their home state, their own experiences, and sincerely forgave them.

I was brought to peace by this experience because I could see the nobility of the one who told me, "I am even experiencing torture now in America, because I am having to wear this Tracking-Bracelet around my ankle, when the psychiatrist here coolaborates his notes with the torturers in my home state."
Sometimes, the goal of torturers is to "break the mind" of the person who has been imprisoned and undergoing a cycle of abuse/neglect.  This is secretly an experience that "builds character" for the victim who is receiving abuse, and ultimately the survivor will be able to forgive the soldier "who was just carrying forward his superior officer's orders."  But there is no type of training for how tolerant an individual must become when he is sent into the field in hopes of helping a foreign culture.
There are no standards for the design of a living-space, but the Architect has equipped the universe for full-versatility, even when this implies in creation the practice of specialisation for worlds.  Republican Amphitheatres are, in general, a noble setting an open setting but a setting that encourages scrutiny.  There can only be trust when true words have been spoken.

All attempts to form the semblance of wisdom will not attain unless the goals of the group are sincerely in accord, and mutually understood.  Therefore, in ages past, Legislative Councils have chosen to elect a "Speaker of the House".  In actuality, such roles constitute an executive-function within the Congress and in theory should be denied credence.

America does not have separation just of the Nation and the Church, as in Europe: we have separation of the Policy from its enactment, as well as separation of its justice appraisal.  The Legislative Branch itself represents the entire constituency, whereas the Judicial Advisory Board of the Supreme Court is much like the U.S. Senate in that it is narrowly-elected and follows a parliamentary-type election procedure for the induction of its members.  It seems unnecessary, in my appraisal to have either a "Speaker of the House" or the Senate per-se, since the Supreme Court in my view fulfills the function of the Senate and the President fulfills the function of the Speaker.

The difficulty of repealing the self-protective policies and the liscences that have been unjustly signed by our government is caused by the numerous stages of muffling that the citizens and their representatives have between them.  The "Laundering of the News" in the modernized territiories has been simply unjust.  Perhaps we shall witness an entire generation of humanity oppress its population through the muffling and distortion of the speech/censorship of our world-representatives.  However, there is no denying the true longing of the citizens to have justness and efficiency govern the social policy between tribes and families.
The fact that it is stated in words that the terms of contracts are forever binding, there is opportunity to free the individual based on his original intention.  Governmentally, we must repeal the bulk of policy in order to provide the opportunity for young republicans to find the common cultural linkage amongst all neighbors of our world.  A centralized government should rule positively just as the Parent-Teacher-Association rules over each local school-board: the opportunity for a parent to voice any concern is provided, the social policy within the school is explained truthfully, and there is actual exchange whenever the views are exchanged in supplication and sincerity.  The Parent-Teacher-Association investigates any serious complaint and forms a separate account, making a separate and objective audit of the event in question.

However skilled a government shall become at knowing the true demands of its people, such government's rulers cannot overlook the task of reducing the size of its own apparatus in order to allow citizens to find/apply creative and resourceful  means to fulfill such demands.  Any institution which delivers the satisfaction of a nation's demands must be regarded as separate from the government per se.
In the example of the Soldier who suffers what seems to be an insurmountable total of abuse in a foreign nation, we do not question any noble Soldier of the Republic's commitment to the ultimate good of any nation he enters upon.  Rather, We shall forever scrutinize the constitution of a person who claims to be Soldier.
Such Soldier is equal to the victims who inhabit other nations.  He will end the abuse, prevent neglect, and allow the victim to become like him: strong in his ability to forgive his torturer.

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