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25 October 2015

How Raffle Tickets, 50-50 Fund-Raisers, and "Creative Finance" has destroyed the sanctity of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, as we knew it, is gone.  It has passed through allowing secular cultural activities to become associated with it.

Think about it: if Suzy gets cancer, and Sainte Germaine's parrish holds a "50-50 Raffle" in order to encourage the congregation to collect the necessary funds for her hospital sojourn, then there is ungodliness coming into the person who wins the Raffle.  We know that at least 50% of the proceeds from such an event will go towards a specific purpose, but 50% of the funds will potentially be de-consecrated.  Priests have the authority to decide whether this activity is acceptible for the congregation.  It is the Priest's obligation to have consecrated his career and soul entirely to the doing of God's will.

The damage hits the Priest's own soul every time the winner of such "Lottery"'s does not spend the winning according to God's purpose.  This is one great form of Idolatry for Government.

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