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29 October 2015

What is a Victim Mentality?

The Victim Mentality is a transcendant attitude in which a former slave attains the wise use of liberty and is able to fully forgive all abuses that he has experienced.  I was able to see this when I went to Jefferson Park outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on the 26th of June A.D. 2010.  A South-American Priest had gathered together international refugees that had suffered confinement-type abuses in their home-states.  Each one of them lit a candle, saying the name of their home state, their own experiences, and sincerely forgave them.

I was brought to peace by this experience because I could see the nobility of the one who told me, "I am even experiencing torture now in America, because I am having to wear this Tracking-Bracelet around my ankle, when the psychiatrist here coolaborates his notes with the torturers in my home state."
Sometimes, the goal of torturers is to "break the mind" of the person who has been imprisoned and undergoing a cycle of abuse/neglect.  This is secretly an experience that "builds character" for the victim who is receiving abuse, and ultimately the survivor will be able to forgive the soldier "who was just carrying forward his superior officer's orders."  But there is no type of training for how tolerant an individual must become when he is sent into the field in hopes of helping a foreign culture.
There are no standards for the design of a living-space, but the Architect has equipped the universe for full-versatility, even when this implies in creation the practice of specialisation for worlds.  Republican Amphitheatres are, in general, a noble setting an open setting but a setting that encourages scrutiny.  There can only be trust when true words have been spoken.

All attempts to form the semblance of wisdom will not attain unless the goals of the group are sincerely in accord, and mutually understood.  Therefore, in ages past, Legislative Councils have chosen to elect a "Speaker of the House".  In actuality, such roles constitute an executive-function within the Congress and in theory should be denied credence.

America does not have separation just of the Nation and the Church, as in Europe: we have separation of the Policy from its enactment, as well as separation of its justice appraisal.  The Legislative Branch itself represents the entire constituency, whereas the Judicial Advisory Board of the Supreme Court is much like the U.S. Senate in that it is narrowly-elected and follows a parliamentary-type election procedure for the induction of its members.  It seems unnecessary, in my appraisal to have either a "Speaker of the House" or the Senate per-se, since the Supreme Court in my view fulfills the function of the Senate and the President fulfills the function of the Speaker.

The difficulty of repealing the self-protective policies and the liscences that have been unjustly signed by our government is caused by the numerous stages of muffling that the citizens and their representatives have between them.  The "Laundering of the News" in the modernized territiories has been simply unjust.  Perhaps we shall witness an entire generation of humanity oppress its population through the muffling and distortion of the speech/censorship of our world-representatives.  However, there is no denying the true longing of the citizens to have justness and efficiency govern the social policy between tribes and families.
The fact that it is stated in words that the terms of contracts are forever binding, there is opportunity to free the individual based on his original intention.  Governmentally, we must repeal the bulk of policy in order to provide the opportunity for young republicans to find the common cultural linkage amongst all neighbors of our world.  A centralized government should rule positively just as the Parent-Teacher-Association rules over each local school-board: the opportunity for a parent to voice any concern is provided, the social policy within the school is explained truthfully, and there is actual exchange whenever the views are exchanged in supplication and sincerity.  The Parent-Teacher-Association investigates any serious complaint and forms a separate account, making a separate and objective audit of the event in question.

However skilled a government shall become at knowing the true demands of its people, such government's rulers cannot overlook the task of reducing the size of its own apparatus in order to allow citizens to find/apply creative and resourceful  means to fulfill such demands.  Any institution which delivers the satisfaction of a nation's demands must be regarded as separate from the government per se.
In the example of the Soldier who suffers what seems to be an insurmountable total of abuse in a foreign nation, we do not question any noble Soldier of the Republic's commitment to the ultimate good of any nation he enters upon.  Rather, We shall forever scrutinize the constitution of a person who claims to be Soldier.
Such Soldier is equal to the victims who inhabit other nations.  He will end the abuse, prevent neglect, and allow the victim to become like him: strong in his ability to forgive his torturer.

25 October 2015

How Raffle Tickets, 50-50 Fund-Raisers, and "Creative Finance" has destroyed the sanctity of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, as we knew it, is gone.  It has passed through allowing secular cultural activities to become associated with it.

Think about it: if Suzy gets cancer, and Sainte Germaine's parrish holds a "50-50 Raffle" in order to encourage the congregation to collect the necessary funds for her hospital sojourn, then there is ungodliness coming into the person who wins the Raffle.  We know that at least 50% of the proceeds from such an event will go towards a specific purpose, but 50% of the funds will potentially be de-consecrated.  Priests have the authority to decide whether this activity is acceptible for the congregation.  It is the Priest's obligation to have consecrated his career and soul entirely to the doing of God's will.

The damage hits the Priest's own soul every time the winner of such "Lottery"'s does not spend the winning according to God's purpose.  This is one great form of Idolatry for Government.

16 August 2015


You are riding the first wave of the great changes in the system of our Great World-Republic, brothers and sisters.  And the first stage is to have contrive a new currency, featuring the greatest Heroes of Governmental Affairs.  From the Prophet John the Baptist, who carried the legacies of IsiaH, IlYA, and Amos, to the Publick Universal Friend, these are the people who in mind and body pushed the yoke of progress forward.

The Great New Currency is as follows:
a) Padma Shambhava, with tails is the Lotus-Bud "my home is the realm of possibility": one schilling (1/20 Jackie)
b) THE Publick Universal Friend, with tails featuring Beaver: five schillings (1/4 Jackie)
c) John THE Baptist, with tails is the Olive "make straight the highway": one Jackie
d) Nelson Mandela, with tails is the Cut-Branch "be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of the people": four Jackies
e) Sejong successor of Koryo Choson Dynasty, with tails "To share in the joys of living with Heaven’s People": ten Jackies
f) thomas JEFFERSON, with tails is the Acacia Tree "the husbandman": twenty-five Jackies
g) Tariq ben Ziyad, with tails is the tempEL of al-Andalu "the word of God": one hundred Jackies
H) LHASA de Sela, with tails is the Tree of Forgetting along the Living Road "the living road": one thousand Jackies
I) Charles the Magnificent, tails is the LILY: ten thousand Jackies

The Jackie is the basis for World Currency as we now know it.  There is no special or specific tradition that is linked to the name "the Jackie", just an affectionate term.  It reflects the deeds of all Great Leaders, who in their own humility have created a Nation of lasting legacy.

See More deTails about these Great World Leaders:
e) Sejohn the Ruler of "Heaven's People"
d) Nelson Mandela
f) thomas JEFFERSON
H) Tariq ben Ziyad  One apologie for this a poor representation of Tariq.  May peace be upon you.
I) Charles the Magnificent
a) PATmaa

15 August 2015

Actual Life Expectancy Calculation

In America, given the total of Abortions and MisCarriages of Children, the Average Life Span is much lower than the reported total.

We all want to live a long life, and under normal circumstances, we should expect to live about 89 years.  But Accidental Deaths, when "the good die young", and due to other reasons, the average life span is considerably less than 89 years.

In my father's family, there were 8 children, but because "James" Sillick was perennially forgotten by his siblings, people went along to believe there are 7 Children of John Grant & Vera Bruder.  James died as stillborn, aged 0 years.  Now, there are 2 of his brothers who have passed: Patrick (Dec 1952 - July 2002) & John Stephen (June 1946 - Sept. 2003).  There are 5 out of 8 Sillicks in this progeny "still counting".

But let's look at the Average Age of the Sillick Brothers who have Left Time:
(Patrick (50) + John (58) + James (0))/3= 35 Years.

In my mother's family, there were 6 Children: Robert Patrick, Agnes, Elizabeth, Joseph Lawrence, Luke, and Mary.  Only Joseph Lawrence did not survive birth.  But my Grandmother Rosemary MacNamarra Kelly would always mention Joseph Lawrence when reciting the tale of her Progeny.  When the Kellies are all totalled, we can simply multiply by (5/6) in order to see the True Average Life Span of this Clan.

When we do not include the Truth of the Total Human Population, it is easy to mistakenly perceive that the Average Human Life Span of America is much higher than it actually is.  But Other Nations need this vital inclusion of all Stillbirths, MisCarriages, and Aborted Individuals when observing the "State of Affairs" in our nation.  We can count Zero (0) as the Age of all Individuals who Left Time "before expected birth", instead of a negative number.

Since the Census-Data for Pre-Born individuals, still borns, and abortions has not been compiled faithfully, it is not possible to know the True Life Expectancy of Americans in this generation.  It is my belief that these foetal human individuals are each a PERSON, as it should be considered by the Social Security Administration.

11 August 2015

Healer is the Music al-Composer

I recently stayed with family at CAMP KOKOPELLI, on South Shore Road, in INLET NEW YORK.  South Shore Road is on the South Shore of the 4th Fulton Chain Lake in the Adirondack National Park.
The KOKOPELLI is a familiar LOGO, because there are rumours about his status of God for the tribes of Africa, often drawn as a dancing fool, holding his nose, whistling.  KOKOPELLI is that figure who "Dons the Flute", as it were.
I stayed on this world for eternity until it reached full blossom.
I saved your life, you were worse than her, you couldn't imagine the torture you put here through, but we forgive you, once more again.
Koko is my sister.   Believe  B.H.S. (H.S. II)

I save every mystery.

10 August 2015

Give Your Rest Back to the Supreme Mother

the Supreme Mother Urantia runs through the implanted ARCHANGEL CIRCUIT which RULES the minds of those who tend to the will of God in Consecrated-Fashion.

This Identity of WE, as it is comprehended by the revelatory human consciousness, the soul, is found in "the cup that Jesus has shared with his Apostles".  One must drink of "This Cup" in order to perceive of the collective-burden that underwrites the human unconsciousness evolution.  The Eternal Son overrules any striving that A PERSON makes.  This is measured in the "Strides-of-the-Pilgrim".

Every completed stage of the Pilgrim, who must improvise and create That-Which-Had-Not-Existed, shall require due rest.  In this rest, the Supreme Mother Urantia segregates from the human tabernacle and joins with the ARCHANGEL CIRCUIT, adding information to the usage of Seraphic Planetary Government.

Heavenly Graces will follow you everywhere,
This is the Inescapable Void
I grant wishes when sincere
Finality sent from al-Lah
He who has eaten of the tree,
Who wore the Fatal Look
from the Other, who could not conceive.
Dressed in Passion, you are the King that wears all Scorn, 
\                 Sent from the wasted mothers                    /
the hiding hoarders, comfortable in their deceit.
I am wondering how long it took you 
to piece two and two into one.

My heart was given to another
but you stole it away, 
you clenched it.
and I died from exasperation,
the tin soul 
craving lead
hindered me from the true liberation,
firing rockets under a thick jungle canopy
did not take the proper preparations,
and set out prematurely,
gathering in the excitment of 14 year old virgins,
who themselves are too isolated.

where can it be made,
the garden of true pleasure?
it is there I would be willing, 
send it to me, with your lips sealed to the packaging,
upturning the pastures of my lung, with knives and hammers and hurtful impact.
opening to be planted, the blueprints of her grace.
I sent from the father, the one who held my mind even as mother held my first cell,
she was abel to let go, 
of the rancid of the evil, 
and tarnished.

He looked upon the cesspools and heartily approved.
He looked upon the short-circuited human longings and evaporatedd.
His hands could not follow, but grove, in with extra strength.
Will Fierce and planned from the core, 
Acknowledging the unknown possibility that cannot be restrained
from the instrumentation of its execution

Give your all, from now on.
Maybe you will be spared

Consecrated-Fashion: having performed rituals of devotion that was officially recognised by the Most Highs
Strides-of-the-Pilgrim: refers to 7 year stages of human growth, any completed work that leads the individual "Towards Paradise", and to a "Final Composition" required of every Trinitized Soul (Post-Finaliter Completion)
This Cup: refers to the cup that the Court of Jerusalem had prepared for Joshua of Nazareth to drink
That-Which-Had-Not-Existed: a form of creation as distinguished from all other existing forms contained in the Grand Universe

10 July 2015

Healing the neglect by involving the entire Community.

City of Flint, USA

10th July, A.D. 2015

Healing the neglect by involving the entire Community.

   By the Beginning of FISCAL YEAR 2016 for the community of Flint Vehicle City, the Land Bank has acquired more properties than its corps of volunteers & neighborhood managers can adequately manage.  The parks have grown partially wild: a baseball field becomes a wheat field, except for the auspicious backstop and diamond.  Fewer of the secondary school students come to help mow, pick up trash, and manage the branches that have fallen onto abandoned properties. 

   As a result, the 80 neighborhood teams spend less time per site, mowing only the curbside and 15 feet onto properties, cutting littler and leaving broken glass to fester near the cracks.  In compensation, volunteer squads have sowed clover & thistle towards the remainder of the lot-space, which grow in a wild mixture that includes Queen Anne's Lace & many sun-loving grasses.  But what about behind the houses, where gradually the real take-over occurs?

   Since the City of Flint now budgets only $330,000 for its entire park-system, we will learn to be content with the efforts its dedicated employees still provide us.  It means we are more likely to see a cutback in the total service-offering from the parks.  We have to pick up after ourselves, and be efficient & resourceful in the future if it is crucial to get along together and to survive.

Neighborhood Improvement 
   For the first time, Government Officials & their Reports suggest that residents accept responsibility for the well-being & maintenance of this beloved community.  We may take steps forward to spruce up our own homes & property, but also the house that was only recently abandoned deserves attention as well.  This is a thankless chore, but the reward for residents is a safer environment.

   That fact that some of the Land Bank's properties have gone-to-wild coming into FY2016 creates issues for the foundations of old homes.  If we are to truly be of service, we should try to keep the Real-Property safe & sound, while also seeking to improve rather than maintain the outside.  We should try to be aware of the total land rather than the space near the sidewalk & road.  If we are to be of service, we may search into actions that will both enhance the value of these properties, and to reduce the time & effort needed to tend these properties.  What are the rehabilitative actions that the residents of Flint be able to take?

   The very first issue of Reclamation has to do with the psychological impact that vacated houses have on neighbours.  We know that neighbors usually look after these houses, mowing and tending to these Lots.  It is easy to call up the Real-Estate Agent who now holds the property-deed, or the Land Bank to see if you can help with the work they do.  A recent expenditure from the City of Flint has gone to build 3 new tool-sheds for the housing of new mowers & landscaping equipment, thus making tools available to each neighborhood. 

   None of Flint's local parks are perfectly maintained, but Riverfront Park & Kearsley certainly receive more attention than most.  The Parks that are along the City of Flint's "suggested walking routes" are cared for more by both paid-workers and volunteers.  That's why if you want to actually help, you should go to the more neglected parks like Basset & those that are along ML King Road, north of Flint River. 

Is the Land Bank similar to FNIPP?
   A program that started in July 1976 is Flint Neighborhood Improvement Preservation Project (FNIPP), .   This was a $3.5M City of Flint and $10.1M Investment from the C.S. Mott Foundation that, like the Land Bank, had 3 Tool Libraries and many active volunteer-foremen to help residents with Home-Maintenance Projects. 

   During the 1970's the bulk of FNIPP expenditure was toward the actual cost of materials, whereas Labour was voluntary and tools were owned by the organisation itself.  This means that there were many small projects that directly went to value-maintenance of the house. 

  After 1980, FNIPP* began to solicit opinions from the populace in order to improve its policies.  As a result, the program began to finance Home-Improvement projects and even pay labor-costs for well written proposals.  This means the overall cost per job became higher; FNIPP was able to help less and less because beaurocracy was growing inside of its organisation, and the public felt increasingly beyond arm's reach.  Properties FNIPP gave to the housing market were sold "at cost", and people who bought and improved homes could no longer compete as independent Real-Estate Agents.  The $40.4 million that the Charles S. Mott Foundation was promised to collect at the end of FY2016 is unlikely to be seen for these reasons.

   This should be a stern SignPost for the #GeneseeCountyLandBank, who is coming into its 12th year.  We should remember that this Group is part investment, part grant, and its donors/capitalists do sincerely want to see the City of Flint well-kempt and beautified.  But When nearly $6M is going to one project, the "Chevy Commons", and its design includes "Low Maintenance" GreenSpace, we should expect that the rewards of such investment are, in a sense, limited from the start. 

The City's Condition
   We may take the pollution out of Flint, but we know this does not stop the polluting.  We must be more active in the patrol of Land if we can hope to help residents keep the peace of their own homes & neighborhoods.  The honest citizens of Flint are willing to receive assistence, and are more friendly than outsiders have expected.  There is Desperation because the children have not been shown the good things they can do - the good things children should be expected to do.  This Desperation is often masked as violence when the youth have gone too long without guidance.  One thing is clear, the people of Flint do not need outsiders coming in unless they are seeking to help this community as a whole.

   When investors come from Lansing & Washington D.C. into the City of Flint, they want to see more labors done that visibly increase the value of the Land Bank as well as homeowner properties.  There is a new mandate to reappraise at All Properties, $3.5M paid to outsource the Assessor's Role.  All non-repossessed properties within the City Limits will be documented.  The City Governance is going by way of Detroit, taken over by jugglers from higher Federal Centers.  The remaining residents are faced with whether to help their city through direct efforts, or to allow Lansing's Oversight to gradually partition the city to speculators, whom are in most cases unwilling to settle into our district.

  While the Shade and Stable Growth of low maintenance foliage may be one good thing, when these trees become mature, they do little to attract the attention of the public, or tourism in general.  Why would outsiders want to visit Flint if the new programs for the city are like everywhere else?  I am suggesting that, instead of Locust trees could we plant Walnut?  Could we harvest the Oaks of Bassett Park and begin a new agricultural experiment there? 

High Maintenance
  In addition to these changes, I want to see vacant lands managed better.  Since these "Wild Lawns" are only mowed now once-per-month, we should be more careful with the mulch.  Let's designate clear Composting heaps, and let current residents use these spots for their own yard and kitchen wastes.  Let's find better ways of involving the neighborhood volunteers, and to attract more out-of-state immigrants into This City.  How can we do this but by bringing in a better variety of plants in the process.

   One central issue is how foundations of soon-to-be foreclosed homes are affected by roots that are surrounding the Real Property.  If the plants that mature around this perimeter mature, they are likely to reach into these cement housebeds, allowing water to seep in and destroy the foundation.  Let's encourage neighborhood Green & Clean managers to cut away this extra growth.

   But we should also think about using the back of each lot and the perimeter of the property more wisely.  Instead of allowing weeds to grow along fences, let's plant grapes.  Instead of putting in Maple & Oak, let's plant Cherry & Peach (Almond).  The type of agricultural experimentation that I am suggesting for the people of Flint is long-term.  We should look at all the abandoned properties and assess them.  We look at the space and the connections that go between vacant spaces, assess the possibilities for maximum value of horticulture, just as the outside assessors will be assessing other properties according to its maximum commercial usage.  We design Gardens for every vacant homes with a different polyculture, and create pathways from every garden to the local compost heap, where fertile matter is accumulated.  This is the only real way neighbors can reclaim property space and reconnect with the land. 

 Grow our own Natural Resources
  For America, it is not new to want to have all the industrial resources.  Like Thomas Jefferson, we should want American Industries to be compatible with the Natural Resources that America has, but we must "import" the seeds of horticulture, at first, to make this possible.  The medium-to-high maintenance plants which have value for both the wood & fruits they bring must come.  Through a scientific approach of successive cultural introduction then propagation, the City of Flint will regrow the resources needed vitally for its Industry.  These are more useful to the shops we would like to see back-in-operation.

Certain Programs currently exist for residents to even begin such a program of their own initiative.  For $1/year, I can "adopt a space", one of the overgrown Lots in order to begin my agricultural experimentation.  Most of these are given to encourage locals to take responsibility for the plight of Flint and manage them as their own yards.  I suggest that this is an easy investment for any person who wants to be a city farmer, and to think about putting in Perennial varieties of plants like Currant, Mulberry, Walnut, & Sandalwood rather than annual crops like Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Peppers. 

Let's think "outside the lawn", into a system of Edible Forest Gardens that allows for a harmony of nature.  Instead of wild trees growing above grasses, let's make the canopy lower and include many types of plants in between these heights.  If we can overshade the Garden, then we can do away with many grasses entirely, leaving room for Ferns & Chamomile.  The possibilities are beyond the human imagination:;_ylt=A0LEViROFaBV2gYA1rAnnIlQ?p=edible+forest+gardens&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

It Starts with the Earth
   These types of garden cannot begin without the compost heaps that I have mentioned.  It is simply too costly to "import" the organic soils from outside the neighborhood.  During the first years, annual crops are necessary.  A base-stock of fruit trees is necessary first before more "tasty" varieties can come later on.  The rewards of Edible Forest Gardens is not immediately seen, unless they are seen in the beginning stages: the upbuilding of fertility to a suitable threshold.  We must build a community-wide organic scrap program, and retain all the organic matter that our yards & kitchens produce.  Every 3-5 homes can share a composting station: a drop-off point that is collected and redeposited in the neighborhood compost heaps.  These must be both well-maintained and available for local gardeners:

Regenerative agriculture comprises an array of techniques that rebuild soil and, in the process, sequester carbon. Typically, it uses cover crops and perennials so that bare soil is never exposed, and grazes animals in ways that mimic animals in nature. It also offers ecological benefits far beyond carbon storage: it stops soil erosion, remineralises soil, protects the purity of groundwater and reduces damaging pesticide and fertiliser runoff.
Charles Eisenstein, 2015:

   This system of design requires a Vision of the final Edible Forest Garden.  Using Photographs and SunLight Calculations, and in accordance with the climate of SouthEast Michigan, we draw Mature Plants (our favorites) onto the BluePrint of the Property.  This skill requires the basic knowledge of the Boy Scouts of America's Landscape Architecture Merit Badge, but selects a very nonmodern variety.  The types of plants used appeal to Jefferson's farmer more than the traditional suburbanite.  We should seek international sources for new seeds and root cuttings, bringing in "the wonders of the world" to Flint, USA.  From crocus to sage and from dwarf Apple to sandalwood, we may find that many communities will assist our charitable intent to convert the lands into an Edible Garden.  Many orchards of Michigan & Maine might be willing to donate their variety after we have grown a suitable base of compatible trees. 

The Benefits are Obvious
   But further, this initiative must become a city-wide program, endorsed by officials in their public policy and involving the entire neighborhood, before it is to become successful.  Residents need to understand these changes and know how to cooperate before such policies can take root.  But then the rewards of such a program become soon obvious:
  1. No longer is Blight removed, but Beauty is actually restored and Land Values increase
  2. It is easier to recruit volunteers when the vision for the community is clear to them
  3. More People will want to move into houses where gardens are actively being maintained by the community
In addition to these promises, there will be an increase in the peace of the community when the plant-resources of each Edible Forest Garden is made available to all, visiting farmers as well as the residents of flint.  The community's overall knowledge of science & botany will increase.  In general, the improvement of overall harmony brings in many unexpected pleasures, including the ease of toil and the return of industry to Flint.

* FNIPP, Flint Neighborhood Improvement Preservation Project, Inc. (March 1982) 711.59FL
Chevy Commons project expected to pick up steam this spring, 13 Feb 2015.  Schuch, Sarah.