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12 January 2016

The Human Abscess

The Human Abscess

Early in life, the zygote begins in the mother's reproductive system.  He must cling onto the walls of the inner-skin for sheer-survival.

Looking at life this way, one must tolerate the "Pimples" as a badge-of-honour, in the same fashion that the Mother tolerates the newly-burrowing Zygote.

Although we must look at the human foeti as distinct entities, we may correspondingly view single populations or multifarious-type abcesses as "colonies".  Abscesses are conditionally surrounded, isolated, and suffocated as a natural reaction of the human skin, or as the human's own self-defence.

Generations beyond ours, humans will treat abscesses with a greater degree of fairness & tolerance.  Now that the comparison is drawn, we may observe the sociological terms of how one may treat his own abscesses, versus how a mother would treat the Zygote colonies living under her own skin.

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