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15 August 2015

Actual Life Expectancy Calculation

In America, given the total of Abortions and MisCarriages of Children, the Average Life Span is much lower than the reported total.

We all want to live a long life, and under normal circumstances, we should expect to live about 89 years.  But Accidental Deaths, when "the good die young", and due to other reasons, the average life span is considerably less than 89 years.

In my father's family, there were 8 children, but because "James" Sillick was perennially forgotten by his siblings, people went along to believe there are 7 Children of John Grant & Vera Bruder.  James died as stillborn, aged 0 years.  Now, there are 2 of his brothers who have passed: Patrick (Dec 1952 - July 2002) & John Stephen (June 1946 - Sept. 2003).  There are 5 out of 8 Sillicks in this progeny "still counting".

But let's look at the Average Age of the Sillick Brothers who have Left Time:
(Patrick (50) + John (58) + James (0))/3= 35 Years.

In my mother's family, there were 6 Children: Robert Patrick, Agnes, Elizabeth, Joseph Lawrence, Luke, and Mary.  Only Joseph Lawrence did not survive birth.  But my Grandmother Rosemary MacNamarra Kelly would always mention Joseph Lawrence when reciting the tale of her Progeny.  When the Kellies are all totalled, we can simply multiply by (5/6) in order to see the True Average Life Span of this Clan.

When we do not include the Truth of the Total Human Population, it is easy to mistakenly perceive that the Average Human Life Span of America is much higher than it actually is.  But Other Nations need this vital inclusion of all Stillbirths, MisCarriages, and Aborted Individuals when observing the "State of Affairs" in our nation.  We can count Zero (0) as the Age of all Individuals who Left Time "before expected birth", instead of a negative number.

Since the Census-Data for Pre-Born individuals, still borns, and abortions has not been compiled faithfully, it is not possible to know the True Life Expectancy of Americans in this generation.  It is my belief that these foetal human individuals are each a PERSON, as it should be considered by the Social Security Administration.

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