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11 August 2015

Healer is the Music al-Composer

I recently stayed with family at CAMP KOKOPELLI, on South Shore Road, in INLET NEW YORK.  South Shore Road is on the South Shore of the 4th Fulton Chain Lake in the Adirondack National Park.
The KOKOPELLI is a familiar LOGO, because there are rumours about his status of God for the tribes of Africa, often drawn as a dancing fool, holding his nose, whistling.  KOKOPELLI is that figure who "Dons the Flute", as it were.
I stayed on this world for eternity until it reached full blossom.
I saved your life, you were worse than her, you couldn't imagine the torture you put here through, but we forgive you, once more again.
Koko is my sister.   Believe  B.H.S. (H.S. II)

I save every mystery.

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