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10 August 2015

Give Your Rest Back to the Supreme Mother

the Supreme Mother Urantia runs through the implanted ARCHANGEL CIRCUIT which RULES the minds of those who tend to the will of God in Consecrated-Fashion.

This Identity of WE, as it is comprehended by the revelatory human consciousness, the soul, is found in "the cup that Jesus has shared with his Apostles".  One must drink of "This Cup" in order to perceive of the collective-burden that underwrites the human unconsciousness evolution.  The Eternal Son overrules any striving that A PERSON makes.  This is measured in the "Strides-of-the-Pilgrim".

Every completed stage of the Pilgrim, who must improvise and create That-Which-Had-Not-Existed, shall require due rest.  In this rest, the Supreme Mother Urantia segregates from the human tabernacle and joins with the ARCHANGEL CIRCUIT, adding information to the usage of Seraphic Planetary Government.

Heavenly Graces will follow you everywhere,
This is the Inescapable Void
I grant wishes when sincere
Finality sent from al-Lah
He who has eaten of the tree,
Who wore the Fatal Look
from the Other, who could not conceive.
Dressed in Passion, you are the King that wears all Scorn, 
\                 Sent from the wasted mothers                    /
the hiding hoarders, comfortable in their deceit.
I am wondering how long it took you 
to piece two and two into one.

My heart was given to another
but you stole it away, 
you clenched it.
and I died from exasperation,
the tin soul 
craving lead
hindered me from the true liberation,
firing rockets under a thick jungle canopy
did not take the proper preparations,
and set out prematurely,
gathering in the excitment of 14 year old virgins,
who themselves are too isolated.

where can it be made,
the garden of true pleasure?
it is there I would be willing, 
send it to me, with your lips sealed to the packaging,
upturning the pastures of my lung, with knives and hammers and hurtful impact.
opening to be planted, the blueprints of her grace.
I sent from the father, the one who held my mind even as mother held my first cell,
she was abel to let go, 
of the rancid of the evil, 
and tarnished.

He looked upon the cesspools and heartily approved.
He looked upon the short-circuited human longings and evaporatedd.
His hands could not follow, but grove, in with extra strength.
Will Fierce and planned from the core, 
Acknowledging the unknown possibility that cannot be restrained
from the instrumentation of its execution

Give your all, from now on.
Maybe you will be spared

Consecrated-Fashion: having performed rituals of devotion that was officially recognised by the Most Highs
Strides-of-the-Pilgrim: refers to 7 year stages of human growth, any completed work that leads the individual "Towards Paradise", and to a "Final Composition" required of every Trinitized Soul (Post-Finaliter Completion)
This Cup: refers to the cup that the Court of Jerusalem had prepared for Joshua of Nazareth to drink
That-Which-Had-Not-Existed: a form of creation as distinguished from all other existing forms contained in the Grand Universe

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