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22 August 2011

Greek Numerology

The biggest challenge to the numerology of life is in understanding how a 10 digit system contains only 9 numbers. We include 0 as the first number in this system. Therefore, there is a symbol-number which occupies 2 places within the base-10 form of numbering.


The representational symmetry involved in the numbers would displace the usual attributions to the five. Namely, "as above, so below"; for in the recognition that the 6 and 9 are in fact the same symbol, what can we deduce about the power and pertinence it has as 2 distinct digits?

The Greeks, namely Pythagorus, were not incorrect to posit that its numbering system contained 9 numbers. The fallacy was in the belief that O, the origin of all creation, was to be excluded as a number although accepted as a digit.

What will become of our new-old world when the most adept debaters fight this unshakable fact? Does the energy of the 6 "as without" automatically impute energy into that sentience which has always known, "there is only within", or "the beyond of an individual is the within of the individual".

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