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26 July 2011

Sun-Based Natal Chart, Yanclae birth data

Is it true that the Zodiac and most other forms of Natal Astrology are backwards? What are the advantages of using the Sun-Centered perspective to mark an individual lifetime?

Exploring the Sun-Perspective, I discovered a unique aspect held between the Sun, Mars, & Mercury. Mercury & Mars had aligned on the far side of Sol. This alignment is not observable within the Earth-Perspective, which Zodiac Astrology's perspective. From the Earth-Perspective, Mercury is at the Descendant Point of the True Zodaic, or 0 degrees Libra, while Mars is 6° Virgo.

The Zodiac does not account for distance as well as the Solar Charts. Therefore, this additional perspective is highly useful for any astronomer who wants to uncover additional aspects from one individual.

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