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26 April 2012

What form of compensation do you wish to receive for your work?  

Where is the foreman who will pay you for doing good deeds?

Look well upon all appearances.  Within the seed, will you find the instructions for the first stage of development.  The instruction manual is the part, like the package, the husk, or the physical body that will be discarded once the assembly of the parts has been duly pieced into one unit.  

The plant's first job: to survive past infancy and reach the stage of selfish demand.  Once a person has advanced past infancy, the first job has been completed and we reach the stage of demand.  Selfish impulse that is creative.  In the stage of demand, the Child is the gullible volunteer at every cause soever.

Are you aware, that man's soul cannot be satisfied by the things he has which are not useful for spiritual gain?  Spiritual gain, the fruits of which are not the estate but the life uncurling from the fronds of the garden and the myriad nooks of the home within it.  The seed carries its store of pleasures from the last generation, only enough to right-face and demand more.  After the storage of placental tuition has been spent, the plant will develop a new untarnished perspective of the wonders of material sustenance.

It is a wonder that develops during youth and grows desperate without transferrence into the spiritual realm of solitude.  When a man has not answered the demand for new sustenance, if a man does not choose eventually to seek and so find, then God has failed the person.  At least God has been prevented from succeeding in His Plan for leading this soul to the founts of actual and spiritual recompense.

Part of your career, and for part of your income, must you sometimes supplicate to receive the euros and yen that may support an estate worthy of holding your mother and family.  But the income you earn from the foremen of the world is insufficient to provide for the true nature of your being.  It is a paltry sum, only compared to the true goodness and value of effort-credited spirit wrought pleasures.

For this reason, must we teach the children that productive work is the greatest fun, especially when teamwork is employed.  Children will eventually face the decision of what to seek for fun and fulfillment.  A person who plans his career with a purpose will emerge to find a diversity of talent within the brotherhood of man.  It is because when you work to fulfill the practical needs of others, you are fulfilling the purpose of the Holy Spirit even more so than when you pray in silence.

The currency carries an energy.  This energy reflects the climate of a national home-life.  If the of jobs that rent-paying workers earn is  wholly limited to physical provision, this is a grave sign indeed.  It means that the currency becomes the symbol for the world and all that a man must abandon in order to discover the spiritual estate. 

In a sense, the union employeed will be deprived of their chance to have fulfilling days in their factory.  He will work, but his soul will not find happiness unless he uses this compensation to support himself and his family.  Family, in all senses of its broad termination.  The concept of time began with the family, and in this concept has the Child represented the future, while the infant represents eternity.

A man who has earned enough currency to pay for an abode, who welcomes his mother and wife into the same residence, has created the space needed to generate the home.  Within the home, the work of the women has been liberated from material sustenance.  At least was this true of the generations from which sprange out the "hippies".  This is the work of the women.  The Mother who Teaches the Daughter, and from the Husband's perspective, the Mother who teaches the wife.

This type of learning, from Mother to Daughter, does not take place in the kitchen. and usually not at the capenter's bench, but in fact outdoors under the sun.  In the sun, the passive element of existence is inundating our world in superconscious but unnoticed ways.  The toilers of virtue are sweating, and thus opening subtle cavities in order to receive the photonic rays of sunlight.  Thus, in this industrial school, the Mothers, midwives, and Daughters are being compensed (paid) by the fabric of the cosmos.

How could a man expect to outdo his competitor when he returns to an empty apartment, whereas his competitor returns from his workplace to this scene?  Indeed, the man who comes home to such a family will choose to perceive the true payment of his work, is ifound in n providing the mantle upon which these women may rest.  He will invest these dreams in the hope for His Children.

Truly, the Source of Abundance is the proper foreman.  During your rest times, are you attuning to the proper wish that the father would show and give you that you would follow the path that leads into the central source of any and every inspiration.

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