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20 December 2010

Frozen Moments

Into the wetlands
Sludgy feet squish into warm mucky trenches;
Marinating ankles in fertle fertile broth,
As the prickers slice the ouside
and the ivy paints on layer after layer of gentle itchiness.
Be calm; do not wake the blood-drinkers.
Any agitation whatsoever is like a fire-bell to them.
Too late, swarming soft skin with their hoses.
I change to the thickest layers,
start the fire,
and bathe in smoke so they won't dine,
dine on ignorant boldness.
over a year ago

The sun drops below the tree tuft.
Me sitting below among the chorking stream.
Insects who get high on oxygen bubbles
as they flit to the air's pulse,
unaware that at this moment, they are
the 1,000 fairies, illuminated by Sol shine.
Many of them come to dance with me;
Many of them come to whisk the breeze,
And some may be dandelion seed
Heads floating in clumps,
Mocking the flow of the stream.

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