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27 October 2010

Given Time

A neurosis,
The entrapment of Time within the Space of Cranium.
An event, locked like memory, suspended in the present.
A Gift, a Raging Inferno of a Gift;

One who suggests that healing
Must be approached from the Outside, this Instance,
This occurrence - the Individual has finally been
Rendered incapable;

The Emotional Attachment of the Rapists
To the sludge within Victim, has grown morose.

We have been given terms like
Trauma - to indicate when the individual has lost
her Individuality, from the outside.
And Psychosis, when the individual has torn
his Individuality apart.

The unbalanced act fencing in apartheid,
And sowing the disseminate
The breedal Manifest Destiny,
Has penetrated the Nest.

I am a Man, like a Mother Hen,
Sitting on the neglected warmth
In security.
The one who convinced a clever Fox of fruitlessness.

"To the Underlaying Unity
so that the Voice of Intuition
May Guide Us closer to Our Common Keeper"

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